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Floyd ‘Guitar’ Smith and the least expected jazz guitar.


I've been listening to a lot of Floyd 'Guitar' Smith lately. Anyone with guitar as a moniker is worth listening to in my opinion.

He's got a great album recorded in France in the early 70's as an organ trio with Wild Bill Davis on organ and Chris Columbo on drums, it's called Floyd's Guitar Blues. Check it out on whatever medium you please. His playing is in that great middle ground between jazz and R&B and what's more, he played one of those whacky National map guitars and sounded really great. Edgy but sophisticated.

Here's a great video from that album's era..

..and here he is ten years earlier with Bill Doggett's band, and there's that honky fibreglass guitar again!

Anyway, I just wanted to share it, I can't find much out about him other than that he recorded one of the earliest electric guitar solos back in the late '30s with the original Floyd's Guitar Blues and he seemed to have worked steadily in the music biz up until his death.


great presentation..good stuff!



Well how cool is that.

Sounds like jazz guitar!


Well how cool is that.

Sounds like jazz guitar!

– Proteus

Yes, but only when he's playing it.

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