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Finger condoms for wussy guitarists


I like the David Bowie patent 'Snooker Referee' option.


Nylon-string classical guitar = better option for newbies 'til calluses form, surely.


Prevents spreading comusicable diseases


A friend of mine, who had stopped playing for quite a while, started back to playing using those things. I was bemused by his attempt to avoid hurting his wittle fingers, and tried hard to keep a straight face. I'd never seen such a ridiculous thing, and finally unbit my tongue and said "bro, seriously? those things are for wimps"!

I've always embraced sore fingers, knowing that it was ultimately good for me. I've played through cut and cracked calluses, leaving DNA on the fretboard, that's just what me and most guitarist do. I guess it could be a good thing, if it helps new guitarists stay the course, but it's certainly not for me. I think that toughing it out in the beginning, is the better way to go.

I suggested to my buddy that I thought it would be better if he only put the rubbers on, after his fingers were sore, and to eventually be rid of them. I could actually see some value in them for beginners, if they used them only to continue to play after the fingers were sore to avoid blisters.


I'm sure most of us have played with cuts and blood. I was trimming the shrubs the morning of a gig and got my index finger on my left hand with the trimmer. Yes, very stupid. I had to superglue my finger tip and play through it. I kept the glue on my amp and had to reapply twice during the gig. That was fun!


Who hasn't played till his fingers bled?


Years ago I was getting ready to leave for a gig, and my FRET hand got accidentally slammed in a spring-loaded closing door... Literally an hour before I had to play. My index fingernail started turning black from the blood pooling underneath, and the pain was incredible.

I slid a needle under the nail to drain the blood, took a couple of aspirin, and when I got to the gig, I got a large cup of ice and stuck my hand in it between every song. After awhile, I was so used to it that playing didn't really bother me. I got through the 2-hour gig, and never once reached for the finger condoms.

We've raised a generation of wusses.


And get off my lawn! Uphill. Both directions.


Condoms? We don’t need no stinkin’ condoms.


Put em on your right hand and you get that Wes Montgomery jazz tone .


Put em on your right hand and you get that Wes Montgomery jazz tone .

– LA_Manny

Only the thumb, though.


Anyone - not children though - caught wearing those condoms is begging, pleading for an incredibly vicious cuff on the back of the neck....and don't even explain why.

This in a way, reminds me of someone playing non-contact beer league hockey. For hockey that's fine for guys getting older as well as not wanting to risk incurring an injury that wouldn't allow them to continue to work, but to play guitar??????? Get a DNA check to see if the guy in the pic is really male!! He's so far past wimp/wuss there isn't a word for it!


I don't know if gender has anything to do with it but just practically speaking how would you ever develop the necessary callouses?

I was peeling sugar cane with a giant hunting knife once and had just said "I think I have it, this must be how the natives do it" when I chopped into the side of index finger of my left hand. Luckily the hard part in the middle stopped the knife from cutting off the whole thing.

Off to the emergency for 6 stitches and played a 2 set gig up in whistler the next day bleeding all over my fretboard. Bar chords were brutal!


Tony's industrial accident is a special case and using whatever was/is needed to be able to play at all with the tips of your fingers chopped off is admirable, but isn't to me in any way of a healthy man not wanting to contend with the initial pain of callousing his fingertips....which many here deem to be a wuss.


I just watched that video. Why do so many people always display their guitar prowess by indulging in a bunch of technical distorted wanking?? What about some nice clean melodic playing which if advanced is far harder to pull off ? I've never been impressed with speed of scales and it's hard to tell the difference between finger condoms and no finger condoms in that video. Maybe it's just me though.

I did do a stint of teaching guitar at a community center for a couple years. (aiiee babysitting!) Sore fingers was generally the biggest complaint of beginners and little kids (boys and girls) who had mostly just experienced guitar hero. Still it doesn't help in the end and likely sore fingers weeds out those who aren't really committed to the idea.


Legend has it that Tony Iommi dipped his chopped fingertips straight into some melted plastic to make his first 'thimbles'. That man is more hardcore than any of us.

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