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Dave Pomeroy “The Day the Bass Players Took Over the World”


Low and behold! That's DEEP, bro!


I don't know if it was Dave or another bassist, but one year at CAAS I noticed the same bass player was backing up all the finger-pickers, no matter in what room they were playing. I kinda felt bad for him, schlepping his bass and little amp from room to room, then one-fiving for 45 minutes at a time.

At the grand finalé concert on Saturday night, there he was, putting in his time, that straight grim one-fiving bassist look on his face.

Then during a particularly incendiary hot swing exercise, when the guitar players had all tried to cut each other's eyes out, the leader nodded to the bass guy to solo...

... and it was without question the hottest, most musical, most impressive, most technically impressive, most impassioned bass solo I've ever heard. It was like Jaco had been reborn as Bootsy. It was incendiary. Levitational. Revelatory.

It was just way cool.


There’s a video where Milt Hinton says something like,

After 50 choruses for the saxophones, 30 choruses for the trumpets, 5 choruses for the trombone, another 40 choruses for the piano, the bandleader points to you, and you have to come up with something original that hasn’t been played.


Doyle Dykes has asked Dave to appear with him at CAAS on occasion, and he has recorded with him, and made a few personal appearances together outside of CAAS. He's solid.

FWIW, Chet and Tommy Emmanuel did a duet CD together back about 1996, and the title was The Day Fingerpickers Took Over The World. Dave gladly allowed Chet and his lyricists to take their liberty with his song.

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