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Danza Brasilera cover(JORGE MOREL)-VIDEO


Hi everyone, I share a recorded video with you a few months ago. Dance of Brasilera, by Jorge Morel, a classical guitarist and composer from Argentina and Chet Atkins's friends.

My friends and I had a lot of fun in the studio, this arrangement is really beautiful and a special magic is born playing it.

Here I used my gibson nylon Chet Atkins, attached to my Sedona electric amplifier for electric and acoustic guitar.

I apologize for the vibrations in the video due to the bass frequencies that shook the camera.

hope you like it.

Paolo Spadaro


That's a lovely tune, and you & your buddies played it beautifully, Paolo.


Nice tune ,well played guys!


Very cool! I am familiar with the solo classical version of this piece, and your jazzy rendition is very much in the spirit of the original. Well done!


"...really beautiful" -that says it!! And great playing, Paolo!

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