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Dang what about Junior Brown


Saw him in 1996 at the old Aladdin Casino in Las Vegas when he was the opening act for The Mavericks. Great night out.


I got to open for him at the Key Club in Hollywood yr ago. He was then, and is still a living breathing monster of country, surf and american badass.


I saw him years ago in an old community center gymnasium. It was so DANG LOUD! He had 2 Fender Twins blowin’!


I saw him years ago in an old community center gymnasium. It was so DANG LOUD! He had 2 Fender Twins blowin’!

Junior is awesome!!
Mark- Saw him at the North Star in Philadelphia years ago. Same thing! It was a smaller club, I was right up front and those Twins were walin' ! I think that evening contributed a LOT to my tinnitus !


Junior played at a guitar festival here in Toronto several years ago. The sound guy, as usual, had the house system cranked up so loud and with so much poor quality reverb that everything sounded like crap. He stopped playing, said, "Why do I feel like I'm in a cavern?" told the sound guy to remove the reverb from the house, turn it down, way down, and and then started playing again. It sounded 100 percent better. I thought at the time, "Good going Junior," and that more performers should do that.


Two Twin Reverbs .. I say can yer heart stand it !!!??


I just missed him when he played at the Coach House here in San Juan Capistrano. I will not make that mistake again.


First time I saw Junior Brown story. I drove 100 miles to Austin on a Wed. night for a business meeting. District manager and I got into a big argument and I left in a huff. Really needed to drive back home for work the next day, but decided I would stop over at Antone's to listen to some blues, drink a cold one and settle down a little. Sign on the marquee said Junior Brown Tonight......never heard of him but sounded like a good name for a blues player so I paid my $5 cover and went in. Sparse crowd, saw this guy up on stage with a suit, bolero tie and Howdy Doody looking hat setting up with a half steel half electric guitar. Remember thinking holy crap its amateur night and I just wasted 5 bucks on cover. Boy was I mistaken.....when he started playing my jaw drop to the floor!!! Stayed there way longer than I need to, got back home around 3:30 am. Now I never miss one of his shows when he's in driving distance.


It's always eluded me that he never became a bigger deal - such a clever songwriter to go with immense guitar chops.


I saw him in Louisville, KY about 25 years ago, I would love to see him again, but he hasn't come within driving distance in all this time. He just has to be from another planet, man what a player!


I've opened for him, and he was great. I also hung out with him one night for a few hours at his hotel room after a gig and he let me play his guit steel! He is a really cool dude and loves talking about oddball guitars and amps. I had a great time with him!

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