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Crazy Train Western style (Gretsch content)


Well now, THAT was quite something.

Beautifully executed. Great playing, great landscapes, great video - it really was a joy to watch.

If I could make one teeny tiny suggestion; the drone shots (I presume it was a drone you were using) are a higher definition than the rest of the footage. It's kinda jars just a tiny bit. If you could employ a little gaussian blur of those bits to blend it in a little better I think it may help.

But really, I'm just picking holes. I loved it.


Pretty cool,i enjoyed that,thanks for sharing!


NICE!!!! Thanks for sharing!


Totally dug that, thanks


I can totally hear Johnny Cash doing the vocals to that!


Graphically illustrating the lineal connection I've always heard between Duanetwang and heavy metal riff-craft.


LOVE!!!!! I'd buy a whole album of that!!!!!


@Deke Martin

I didn't make the vid, I only found it and shared it.

Do check out the guy's channel, interesting stuff.


It could only be made better if he actually robbed a train while playing.

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