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Couple Instagram clips w/ my Duo Jet


Someone grabbed clips of a couple leads from a (sorta weird) gig we did yesterday. This week I went from almost always having one or more pedals on in an attempt to control headroom and volume switches to running straight amp and then adding just a bit of boost with ODs, and I'm really happy with how things are sounding... I think I went too far down the hole.

The room sucks (super reverby old train station), and it's recorded on a phone... but I think the tone is coming through enough to tell.

Amp is a Tone King Imperial MkII, and all of this is on the Rhythm (Blackface) channel. Guitar is a Stephen Stern CS '59 Duo Jet w/ TV Jones Classics.

This clip I step on a Walrus Messner low gain drive - bridge pickup, tone in the middle.


This clip same channel, but with the tape saturation side of a Strymon Deco, mostly middle position.



Nice tone from the Jet. They can fill almost any niche and still sound unique.

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