On the 'tube

Chuck Meade and Hilotorns


Sure does! Meade is awesome. And definitely GreTscHeriffic.


Very fun and thanks for posting. Great band name too.


Unless it's dead mint, the more videos I see of it I think he's playing a reissue!


I’m a big fan of Chuck Mead (both with BR5-49 and as a stellar solo artist).


I met him at Walmart in Ardmore, Oklahoma. He was buying beer with his band. Nice guy. Shook his hand and thanked him. It was cool.


It is a reissue, and his name is Mead (no E at the end)

The guitar he played probably the longest with BR-549 was a Baldwin-era Anniversary with Hilotrons, so it's probably what he's used to. (even though later on in that band he owned and played a seriously beautiful caddy green Club with DeArmonds, and a crazy rare green DeA duo jet)

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