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Chuck Berry with a 6130


I'm not sure I've ever seen another live performance with any player on a 6130. It really jumped out at me seeing Chuck rockin' with one.


It's always fun to see that but IIRC the Round Up was more of a prop (note the lack of cord) for Chuck. Conway Twitty's rockabilly stuff of the late '50's was done on a Dynasonic Round Up while his lead guitarist played a Filtertron version, but no live performances have shown up yet.


Lol I didn't notice the missing cord at all! Maybe he did use it in the studio, we may never know.


Very cool. The Gretsch looks awesome of course. Great song as usual from Chuck Berry. The Beatles sure ripped him off with "Come Together"....didnt even give any credit to Berry as the writer.At least the Beach Boys did that. But yes,cool to see Chuck Berry with a Gretsch.


Late at night, being quiet, started watching this just now on my phone with the sound off - ended up watching the entire video. Even with the sound off Chuck Berry is great.

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