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Chon…. (?)!!!!


Whoa! My daughter exposed me to this. They must like YES a little... Impressive.


Why is it anytime someone posts something proggy here, I wonder if y'all are yankin' my chain? (In fact, wouldn't Pavlov's Dog be a great band name? DIBS!) I'm predictable, I know, but I can't help responding.

I like it! Might be a bit unnecessarily and brutally velocitous at points, but waaay more listenable than most progmetal I hear. (Also, the guitars are neither faster nor more cleanly played than Howe always wished he could play...hear especially "Gates of Delirium" and "Sound Chaser" from Relayer and Going for the One's "Awaken" - so there's that.)

We're late to the CHON party, though (unsurprisingly for me): the band has been releasing stuff since 2008. Three brothers and another guy. Two guitars, no keyboards (which has to be a statement of principle on their part, but I wouldn't mind some). They're described as "math and progressive rock."

Thanks for the tip, Troy. To my ears, they're a cool modern refresh to prog.


No chain-yanking here... I hear lots of modern “guitar” music that leaves me bored and cold. This has a fire to it. I like some fire. Glad you enjoyed, Sir.


I pressed play thinking I'd turn it off after 30 seconds max and I ended up listening to the end.


That was cool. I thought the drummer was going to wear out by the 2 minute mark, though.

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