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Chet performing in blue jeans!….who’d ‘ave thunk it?


Awhile ago, we had a thread hear regarding attire for performing, mainly about whether shorts were appropriate and it dealt a bit with what Chet wore. While he would wear casual attire at times, nobody could recall him performing in jeans. Well, here you have him playing with Jethro in jeans. Skip to the 7:00 mark. The fact this performance is from an episode of Hee Haw would explain the jeans, and in that setting it's understandable.


Dress for the gig. Wear a tux if it's called for, or shorts if you're outdoors on a scalding hot humid day.


I can't say that I agree with the shorts, although I understand the comfort factor. I learned that you always dress better than your audience.


The clip with Jethro Burns is from Austin City Limits.


The clip with Jethro Burns is from Austin City Limits.

– Deed Eddy

Right you are Deed! Thanks for the correction. The first clip is from Hee Haw as I remember seeing it when it was originally broadcast and the big haystack a part of the show's background for performing.

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