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I guess I've become a delay junkie....I know I'm a reverb junkie! I've had my fair share of delays over the years...so far it's been tape and analog stomp boxes. But I've ventured into processors over the last couple of years. Recently I picked up a couple of digital delays, both from the same guy. I went to look at his Squier Jaguar he had listed for sale on CL and ended up instead buying the two delays he had with him. First off is a Boss DD6, I like it. The other is a old Ibanez DM-1000, I love it!

I've got a ART SGE processer and a Lexicon Alex. I think I've crossed the line with this last purchase though. Thank goodness I got them cheap!


the new strymon has your name all over it.. its a rack of vintage digital delay units in a little pink box!


Wow! Loved the demo. The free chorus /flange mode was a treat too!


The sound comany I work for has a lot of early Lexicon PCM models, Roland SDE3000s, TC 2290s and other classic delay units. I watch the despair on the technician's faces as they try to keep them running and source spare parts from forgotten corners of the planet. I'd rather have the new Strymon simulator that reliably works every time.


Ive got a lot of catching up to do, but I'm not in a hurry.

I seem to always go back to my EHDMM, which I bought new in the early 90's. That's actually the only new effects pedal I've ever bought. Everything else was used and out of date. I take that back, I did buy a EH holy grail when they came out.

Thanks for the replies guys.


I have a Chandler Delay I've been thinking about selling if you're interested. RHH used one for years - maybe he still does. Sounds great and has stereo outs. $200 shipped in conUS. PM me if you're interested.


Hey, I still have one of those too. Great delay, shame it's in that 19" rack. If it was inside a pedal, I'd probably use it a lot.


I like the grit of the 12 bit delays. Many studios still use the Korg SDD-1000 and the Roland SDE-3000 .

For pedals I love the Boss DD2 and DD3 . They have the same chip as the SDE-3000 but in a pedal.



Hey, I still have one of those too. Great delay, shame it's in that 19" rack. If it was inside a pedal, I'd probably use it a lot.

– WB

yea, I have a footswitch and thought about trying to mount it in my pedal board but haven't ever gotten around to it. I used this as my only effect for a while and would set my amp on top of the box but have since succumb to a more elaborate set-up. Sigh...

On bigger stages I've run two amps using the stereo outs a few times too, and it sounded great.

Don't think anyone mentioned the Wampler Faux Echo. It can do an awesome fading warble!


The Dunlop/MXR Carbon Copy is a great analog delay. I have one on my pedal board.


Those are all nice choices. My original Boss big chip DD-2 has worked flawlessly for 30 years and covers all my slapback. My other board has the Boss-Roland Space Echo dual pedal and I am really happy w that also. I know there are many other great delays - but Boss/Roland really nails the blend of practicality and sound. You can drag em to shows and studio for years and they always do the job.


I had a DM1000 back in the day! I think I replaced it with one of those half-rack sized Boss digital delays. Then I got an Ibanez PDM1 which I still have - THAT'S a great pedal.

I had a DEP5 Roland delay for a while too. That thing was amazing. Saw one recently and was surprised at how noisy it was.

I was always into delay, never reverb. But just recently I have listening to a lot of BRMC and getting more into reverb. Great - more expensive gear to try...

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