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Everbody done got a gimmick

When the implied formula is pursued with this relentless obviousness, we give a wry nod and dismiss the trick immediately. That leaves the question of just how good a genre exercise it is, aside from the flimsiness and disposability of the context. These are good players, playing well - and well recorded. But even that raises the question of just how compelling rocked-up blues-by-the-book can be after all these decades. Maybe not very.

When the standards they're to be judged by are so plain, and when they come so close in form and general execution, I'm left looking for nits to pick. Like the guitarist's timing is occasionally off just enough to make me question the depth of his funk. (Ain't sayin' I could play better - just that I wouldn't record myself under such a microscope.) And yon B3-wrangler is maybe a bit too hot-choppy during his solo, not greasy enough - though I like his comping in the verses and behind the guitar solo.

Drums and bass must be getting the job done, because I don't notice them. (That's actually praise. If they were weak, they'd completely cripple the exercise; if they were too much, they'd make it a complete cartoon.) Sax likewise, I guess. He didn't annoy, and he didn't destroy.

Funny about the Leslie cab. It used to be just that damn thing to haul around, then it became an algorithm to mock. Now it's a fetish to show its moving parts.

Guitarist must have showed up late at the rental place, and got a suit that doesn't fit. That draws my attention to the fact that these guys don't look like they wear these suits every day. The Blues Brothers - and the Sullivan-era Beatles - looked like they did. That was more convincing.

So on the one hand, we're left to simply judge a power blues band. On the other, they prove in one verse why McCartney had either the taste or the imagination not to write "Yesterday" as blues. If he had, it would not be the most-recorded song of the rock era.

Also, I think bluegrass metal exercises are inherently more interesting.


If the Lennon/McCartney wrote yesterday today no one would know about it.

The music industry is on life support, this is what some are doing that like to eat. Stuart Baker found a path after going nowhere.


I enjoyed that clip . . .

Here's another:


In other words, the closer they stick to the Beatles' chord progressions and melodies, the better the formula works.


Singer's got pipes. Wonder if he ever sings without the blues rasp.


Hey Tim, are you getting my emails. sorry for the derail.


Everyone gets to like what they like, and lord knows I like some unlikeable stuff, but that was like telling the same joke for 10 minutes.

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