On the 'tube

Charlie Hunter & Steve Carr


Discussing the Carr Telstar amp. Very interesting complement of tubes. 12AX7, 12AT7, 6SJ6, EL84, 6L6.


Love both of these people! I introduced some of my students to Charlie Hunter yesterday!

I'd love to own a Carr someday! I remember emailing Steve years back just to tell him how sexy the amps look (it turns out that the Carr photographs are/were shot by his brother, who is a pro photographer).


Saw him several times years ago. You could always tell the guitar players in the crowd. They’d be standing there with their mouths wide open in awe.


Charlie had the Carr along with an SS Head with a Mesa Extension Cabinet, bi-amping his 7 string.

Charlie has to know of Don Schiff, putting those two together would be a curious thing. Don plays the Chapman Stick.

The song selections, with Drummer and Female vocalist, covered a range of "jazzy lounge" music. Charlie seems to need a drummer to accompany and feed his playing style, I'll need to check how much Solo or non-Vocal Group material he has put out.

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