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Can Gretsch Guitars Do That? - Andertons Video


The guys at Andertons wanted to show how versatile Gretsch guitars really are. I thought it was entertaining enough to share. Well done lads!

My favorite jam of theirs starts at 30:56


That's a terrific video Buddy, thanks for putting us on to it. My favorite jams are the first and last (except the end!). The tone they're getting sure kicks ass compared to the sound of a lot of jazz players who roll off all the treble on guitar and amp and then throw a blanket over the amp! The tone on all guitars here has nice 'life' to it.

What I'm hearing is a lot of presence and depth to the tone of these guitars, with the exception of the Falcon. Don't really care for it's sound very much at all. To me, the 6120 could give the depth of the Streamliiner and the brighter high end of the Falcon, only less harsh.....for me the most versatile of the bunch.

This video sure demonstrates how well suited Gretsches are for blues and jazz as well.


Not to mention some FONK!

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