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Brody @Paul Pigat


Very nice Paul!


That Telly is TV Jones equipped? Nice guitar!


Paul delivers another piece of magic! Thanks for posting Stefan!


Lovely piece, it inspires me to pull out the Tele. The solid rosewood neck Guitars are melodic for sure. The TVJ Tele sets are imo as good as it gets.


Great song! As far as i remember, Paul mentioned this will be on a future release (Campfire?). Looking forward!


Cool as ever Paul. Ive been mucking around with a chambered FrankenTele for a while, just haven’t found pickups I’m happy with. I think you’ve pointed me in the right direction.

Awsome performance. Always love your tunes.


Lovely stuff!

Paul taught me to play, for which I’m forever in his debt, but after eight years of dedicated daily practice and six years of regular gigging I’m still light years away from being in the same universe as he is with a guitar in his hands.

If I could capture just 1oz of the tone that Paul has I’d be content with that.


Terrific performance from Paul! His Tele sounds quite good with no harshness. May I ask who build it / brand ?


That’s a Warren Murfitt guitar. Warren’s an extremely gifted Vancouver luthier and musician and a good buddy of Paul’s.


Thanks WheelG. ! Cool video :)


Here‘s the other version. Man, I love this song!

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