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Brian Setzer Vintage Guitar Collection and Home Interview


Brian will always sound like himself whether he's playin' a '59 6120 or a 100€ far east strat copy from a toy store. Most tone comes from your head and your fingers. I found the new Hot Rods nailin' that old vintage tone perfectly and I'm happy to play one of those great twangin' guitars.

(watch also the great other video with Joe Carducci)


The HotRods sound great!

Really keen to see to see the original vid though. Hopefully someone here can upoload or send me a link to the tube or DropBox. Would love to see any pics of his es-175 if anyone has one. thanks


I've seen that video last year on youtube. Too bad it's gone!


I shared it a while ago from the japanese magazine YOUNG GUITAR Sept 2014 issue. It came as a bonus disc in the magazine. (i painfully imported it)


Thanks, Tav. But that was just a promo


Thanks, Tav. But that was just a promo

– eCastro

Oh I knowIts wonderful in the high definition DVD


Let me know if ya know where i can buy one


I also have the DVD. I don't know how to pull the file of the DVD.... I thought it would be simple, but I can't figure it out lol


Thanks heaps for trying.

I'll look to buy a copy. super keen to see some pics of the es-175


Let me know if ya know where i can buy one

– eCastro

bought mine on ebay from japan


great. thank you. found one


Need to bring that thread back to life. Need the video... Anybody has it for sharing? Thanks


I'd love too see that again also.


Same. I thought I found one and went to buy it but someone snapped it up prior!

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