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Born Fighters: the BirdMan review


Always loved Dave Edmunds/Nick Lowe/Rockpile scene. So finally saw this hour long vid of them in the studio done exactly 40 years ago. So this was even before Seconds of Pleasure (my favorite, even tho Edmunds said it was his least favorite)

You can see the concurrent tension and friendship the two of them had -- also how the musical mind of Nick Lowe worked at the time. You also see the tedium that goes into recording. You saw it on Let It Be in 1969, and you see it here in 1979.

Albert Lee drops by for a great b-bender solo... others of that era hanging around the studio - I think I saw Graham Parker and the dude from Thin Lizzy.

Billy Bremner and Terry Williams are sounding good -- Williams was an absolute piledriver of a drummer and was a huge part of the Rockpile sound.

So, now 40 years on, Edmunds has retired, Lowe (despite recent tour w/ Los Straitjackets) is pretty much a crooner. And the two have nothing to say to each other, even now.

But it's fun stuff I can still listen to.

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