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Binding rot 101


Id say: replacing instead of glueing would have been better


Wow, that's like putting new skin over cancer, yeah that'll work.


This is such a perfect lesson in why you don't take your Gretsch to just anybody.


What a putz! He sure isn't going to enjoy my two comments!


I think at best, you can temporarily stabilize rot that is starting to crumble using crazy glue. I have done it on a guitar of mine once. It basically hardens up the problem area that's about to fall apart. Kind of like 'fixing' rotten wood by impregnating it with thin epoxy. A temporary solution at best. Not a real fix.


The reason the frets and hardware are tarnished is because of the rot. The rest of the binding is rotten too, just like he says ALL Gretsch guitar binding rots.

And just clarify things, no not all Gretsch guitars have binding rot.


I take issue with someone doing something this invasive AFTER selling it. Unless he arranged with the buyer to squirt a bunch of super glue around, this all seems weird to me.


The buyer sure has fun removing all that extra and unnecessary gunk too when he wants to do it right.


Ignorance can be fixed by education, but stupid is forever. This video should be a demo of exactly how not to do anything to a guitar.. never mind a vintage Gretsch. The power of youtube... Anyone with an account can pretend to be a luthier.. (in their dreams) and the clients are too lazy to do proper research..

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