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Billy Gibbons Big Bad Blues Tour Concert Review with Live Footage


Thought I would share my review of Billy Gibbons Big Bad Blues Tour concert I saw in St. Louis, MO last week. This is a great show and you see some new things that I haven't seen in use in this big of an environment. Check it out, and I included some live footage too.




hmm... wow... no bass player..... veeeeery interesting....


My band, Bonk, has no bass player. Just Monk and me. He uses a POG, a EH looper and (thank you Sammy) an EH Pitch Fork. Here’s a sample.


Yeh baby! I like it. Raw, raucous, but refined. Slick drumstickin', Mr Howard!

And I think that song has only one chord. Gotta dig it. Good looperizin', and cool all 'round.


Thanks, Tim. We have a bunch of original songs now, but we don’t know what to do with it. I don’t enjoy playing in bars anymore (though we do) and at my age, it takes a day or two to recover, not from playing, but from carrying all the equipment around.



Pretty excited, Billy Gibbons just shared my video on his Facebook page


I enjoyed that Scott and felt inspired to find out more about Billy's blues project. Plus I'm an advocate of no bass player, it seems to give another dimension to the playing...weirdly. i could live without the fake bass pickup, I always think why.....if you chose not to have a bass player, why seek to substitute that sound?

Bob Howard's duo sound great here too

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