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anyone familiar with this picker ?


Yes I’m hip to Speedy. Great player great Strat tones


Very cool! He's workin' that trem bar! Was not familiar with Speedy. I see that he was part of Porter Wagoner's original trio. Thanks for posting this! If I may.. Here's another of Speedy:


Saw Speedy late in his career (ca. 'late '70s). He was playing with parent-bankrolled country singer Bonnie Nelson, who had everything going for her but chart success. The show I saw was Bonnie with a trio, doing covers. Competent singing and playing, but no real guitar pyrotechnics. I didn't know Speedy then, but that was such a cool stage name I remembered it.


i love that passage in all doublestops at about 1:15 of the first video.

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