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Amazing Guitars Friday Interview for Surf Music & Early ‘60s Guitar…


Dave Reynolds interviewed me about my vintage guitar gear and surf music last week for his guitar oriented YouTube channel, The Dave Reynolds Project - Amazing Guitar Fridays. Dave is a master guitarist and is a great jazz musician. We grew up in the same town in Maryland. Thanks, Dave!

My apologies to my far more knowledgable surf music and guitar enthusiasts/musicians if I goofed up any info. I think I said 9.25" fingerboard/neck radius when I meant to say 9.50".


Cool! I had a 1960 Vibrasonic once upon a time. Sweet amp.


I dig that Jaguar! I've been researching the Jaguar vs Jazzmaster in what I'm listening to and the Jaguar seems so much more aggressive. Coooooool. :D

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