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Amazing Collection Reverbing Soon


We may not know this guy by name, but we have certainly heard a lot of his film work.

He's been collecting, maintaining, and using an extensive array of keyboards, guitars, amps, pedals - and a Gretsch drum kit in a sparkle they're criminally negligent for not offering on guitars - for decades.

All of it fully functional, many of the old synths upgraded as necessary for modern practice, most of it pristine (with only high-end studio use).

The video is worth the watch just for his room, where you can virtually stand agog, mouth agape, going ga-ga at the array of riches richly arrayed.

He's throwing an uncommonly extensive sell-off, seemingly for a variety of reasons. And while nearly every piece, ladies and gentlemen, is described as special, fantastic, and amazing...well, he's a real deal heavy hitter who's bintheredunthat, with that equipment...so it may be that every piece actually is special, fantastic, and amazing.

For half an hour, you can be a babe in toyland, Charlie getting a tour of the factory, not daring to dream it might one day be his.



And here I am feeling guilty when I get up to 6 guitars. Still kool to see all this stuff.

I am just about DONE with ebay for selling -- all verb all the time.

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