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Albert Lee and Buddy Emmons


great!! love how they start it off with vince guaraldi's -linus and lucy- from his wonderful charlie brown animation scores!! they end medley with it as well, before going into lee's country boy

two greats right there!



Nice! Thanks for sharing.


I've been butchering "Linus and Lucy" on the piano for a long time.... Like Vince Guaraldi, he makes it sound simple. It isn't.

Nice find!


Thoroughly enjoyed this collaboration. Two of the greatest. Actually, Country Boy has always been on my to learn list and I just downloaded a couple of tutorial videos on this piece. Thanks for the inspiration.

BTW Richard, I was happy to see you post as it gives me a chance to say hello and wish you well. I haven't been around here much of late and even now I only get the rare chance to drop in as I continue to use a community wi-fi site whenever I get down to the little town in which it is located. Anyway, it was good to see your name on the thread as it has given me this opportunity. Hope things are going well and that you're playing up a storm. I'll let you know if I have any luck with this tune...

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