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Ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it….Go, Bo Diddley


One of a kind. Saw him on a UK package tour in the early '60s with, amongst others, The Stones and The Everlys. Not a bad show!




The Man getting everything right - THE untouchable sound - I agree with Walter - I am 74 and he has been one of my three heroes since I first heard him when I was 11/12 - My buddy and I would go to see him at the Esquire Show Bar in Montreal - He would come in usually in July for two or three weeks - We'd go every night!


That's some badass R&R right 'cher. He lived over in the next town where my wife works as a guidance counselor. She met him many times as he ended up raising his grandkids and took it seriously. The grandkids I've met at one time or another, and must say he did it right, good kids all.Check out his tombstone....


Pioneer & icon & pharaoh & originator & legend

They may as well have put "badass" on there, too. Maybe it's on the side.


the performance that got bo banned from ed sullivan show...he changed song....scheduled to do 16 tons...

bo, one of the true architects of guitar tone



Neatone: that Sullivan performance is exactly what I meant in my opening post by "it ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it". I mean it's dead simple, right? What's the fuss, anyone could do it, right? Nope. In my book Bo Diddley was a bit of a magician when it came to hitting a groove. Always enjoyed his stuff.

I got his autograph once, back in the day -- still got it, tucked away safely in my copy of the Gunslinger album. He was taking a stroll along Lime Street, Liverpool, before a show at the Odeon. He seemed a really nice guy.


The first time I saw Bo Diddley, he was part of a packaged tour that included Chuck Berry. I'd gone mostly to see Chuck who, being Chuck, was having one of those nights when he didn't feel like tuning his guitar and pretty much just walked (or, more correctly, "duck walked") through a lifeless performance. However, when Bo Diddley hit the stage it was obvious that HE was there to put on a show. And, did he ever. You could feel the adrenalin go up even if you were sitting in the last row. I'd always liked his records, but I left that concert a fan.

Several years later, I had the pleasure of hosting a concert Bo was a part of. Backstage he mostly kept to himself. He was friendly enough, but I had the feeling he just might have been preoccupied with thinking about what he was going to do when he got on stage. A few minutes before he was to go on, I went up to him and asked if there was anything in particular he wanted me to say when I introduced him. He said, "Just say the MIGHTY Bo Diddley."

I did and he was.

Over the years, Johnnie (My wife and co-host, for those who don't know) and I developed a friendship with Bo and interviewed him several times. I'll never forget the night he was scheduled to do a phone interview with us. We called and a female voice said "You'll have to wait while I call him. He's out on the tractor." We waited, she called him and we had a great interview.

He was one of a RARE kind. I still miss him.

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