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Aimee Mann “Freeway” cover.


Such a cool video. Driver sounds killer.

P.S. Aimee Mann is completely underrated.


Great song! I think among singer/songwriters she’s pretty highly rated. Married to Michael Penn (another amazing singer/songwriter). Really upbeat too.


That kid in the third row should be in his seat belt ! (It's the parent in me...)
It is a great song. I really like Aimee Mann. She has a great sense of humor too. Loved when she was on Portlandia as the house cleaner.


Aimee Mann's work on the soundtrack to the movie Magnolia is outstanding.


I've had a soft spot for Aimee Mann for years. I actually interviewed her when I did a piece for my university newspaper when she was on tour with Til Tuesday for "Voices Carry" so it's pushing 35 years at this point. She is a great and highly consistent songwriter. My disappointment was I went to her last show in London a year and a half ago or so and walked out because she opened up her show, not with a song, but bitching about the US president. As a songwriter she's quite a giant; as a political analyst she's a moron. My favorite of her songs (hard to choose):

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