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I noticed recently that a lot of the songs from the Back in Black era were recorded at what appear to be the same session. They all have the same clothing and same guitars in the same dark stage. Does anyone know if there's a back story as to why they would just blow out a bunch of videos and not make an effort to make individual videos?

Curious readers would like to know.


Pre-MTV, pre-album release, low budget, new singer, no post-Bon fan acceptance yet measured, rehearsal being taped for whatever reason needed...most likely to be sent to various concert Promoters.


"You Shook Me" was the only video that got special treatment from that album right? I think they did "Hells Bells" in that same shoot that you linked so I think they might have been testing Brian Johnson's video worthy-ness. LOL

That video just looks like tour rehearsals - at least ever time I've watched them.


That said, Angus wearing a gibson SG makes the SG look HUUUUUGE, the Falcon that Malcolm is playing, doubly so.


I never get tired of these video's ,they just take me back in time to when i was a kid just discovering them!

I thought the Falcon on Mal was the coolest thing i'd ever seen,still do!


I absolutely love their sound!



I don't know if it's the curmudgeon in me, or if I'm just a purist, but I've always leaned toward Bon over Brian for my AC/DC.

It's the same with Black Sabbath (Ozzy over Dio). I guess those guys just defined the sound for me and that's locked in.

Props to Brian Johnson for willing to step into those shoes, but aside from the preferred vocal qualities of Bon, there is an undeniably devilish element to Bon Scott that suited the band so well, one that Johnson simply doesn't exude.

I tend to think of it this way;

Brian Johnson looks like the cab-driving bloke who knows where to take you.

Bon Scott looks like the fare who would rob him at knife point.


Little dudes... BIG sound!


Edison said: "Bon Scott looks like the fare who would rob him at knife point."

That sounds like a Dirty Deed (done Dirt Cheap, no doubt!)

By the by, has anyone else been enjoying Brian's "A Life On The Road" series on AXS? I've seen several and found them all fascinating --- Sting, Mark Knopfler, Roger Daltrey, Nick Mason, Joe Walsh, Joe Elliott, Dolly Parton, Lars Ulrich, Mick Fleetwood, et al.


That series is actually better than I would have expected...good for Brian!

I have said more than once that AC/DC is their own genre.

Malcolm seemed to have the better sense not to ever change the recipe.


Brian's A Life On The Road series was great,i also enjoyed his Cars That Rock series!

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