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9/25/2018 Kulak’s Woodshed 2 Song Set


Here is a video of my performance last Tuesday at Kulak's Woodshed where I'm attempting to sing and play guitar with my hands while keeping the beat with my feet. It's still a work in progress but I felt this video was decent enough to share. It's a fun challenge!

The first song Fall In Love Again starts at 2:01 and the second song Cupcake starts at 5:15


Nice work, Steve!

A couple of observations from a neutral observer:

My immediate emotional response to seeing your set up was that I didn't like the fact that you were so separated from the audience. It was almost as if the audience would have to search to find you amidst the kick, tom and cymbals. If I had been in the audience, I would have wanted to have you out from behind everything where I could better see you.

The other thought was that, in the overall analysis, I don't think that the rhythm instruments are critically necessary to your performance. I can't imagine having to schlep a trap set to every gig, plus the guitar, amp, effects, etc., on top of that. There are, however, very small amplified devices that you can tap your foot on while you are playing to give some sense of rhythm, much like you are doing with the kick drum. With all of the drums and cymbals, it takes on a little bit of a one-man-band presentation, which I don't think that you need. You play and sing well enough where you should just put that out front and center and allow the strength of the songs and the performance to carry the day.

Notwithstanding what I hope are received as constructive remarks, congratulations to you, for having come along this far. I know that you have been aiming towards this for a while now, so I am glad that you are actually seeing it come to fruition. And that venue looks super cool.


Thanks Bob! Thankfully the drum kit is a house kit. If I were to play a solo show with this setup I would bring a bass drum, a hit-hat with a tambourine mounted on it and maybe a snare but maybe not. I agree the drums are too much of a barrier. I really appreciate you checking it out and giving your honest feedback! This is exactly what I need.

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