On the 'tube

65 wes m…great



great concert footage..dig the in between banter..good band with later euro icon hans bennink on drums

wes is blazin..on top of his game

first thought is, this is where george benson began...

dig the strap attached to peg head

great in so many ways



Too funny. I've had a link to that on my desktop for about the past week and still haven't watched it. Maybe tomorrow.


Wow, amazing. I had never seen this before.
And he has a full Dutch back up band in the first part. Did he normally not travel with a band of his own or was this just a one off occasion? I love the in between talk about how to play the tunes etc. Very cool!


Damn. I wish I had a high-speed hook up. :(


I'm saving this until this afternoon when I have more time. Love Wes.

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