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62 Tenny in Color ‘64 and ‘65 — Animals


Found these and although dubbed are still fun to see for Hilton Valentine's distinctive '62 Tennessean, which still looks new and shiny. First two clips are from the '64 movie Get Yourself a College Girl and the next -- and clearest shots, virtually a Gretsch advert for the Tenny -- from '65.

Around & Around

Blue Feeling

Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood


Love me that Hi Lo sound! A few of us think Animals beat Stones.


Love me that Hi Lo sound! A few of us think Animals beat Stones.

too true DC BirdMan!!!

Over here in UK the Animals were always considered better than stones. that Tenny sound of Hilton Valentine's was fantastic. who could ever forget the intro to house of rising sun!!!

I felt I was really making it as a lead guitar player when I was able to do justice to intro and solo ( we had no Alan Price on organ)


Being primarily a keyboard player myself, I was always an Animals fan. Seriously Blues a based group, they caught my ear. Pulling off that guitar intro cleanly was a rite of passage for many fledgling guitarists. We were one of the only bands in town that could actually play their tunes. As catchy as the intro to "House of the Rising Sun" was, the organ solo and ending were just as ubiquitous. It irks me when I hear it on the oldies station (rarely) and the organ bits are cut.


Love me that Hi Lo sound! A few of us think Animals beat Stones.

– DCBirdMan

Yeah man! "House of the Rising Sun" was one of the first songs I learned. Most of my friends were heavy into the Beatles. When I told them I preferred the bad boy sound, they'd say, " Oh, the Stones, " and I'd say " No, the real bad boys-Eric Burden and the Animals". Always thought of Eric as the little guy with the big voice, and the sound of that Tenny is still captivating for me.


Also the Epiphone EB-2 bass .. .too kool.


Love The Animals. Badass. House was just the come-on; while the song is immortal and Burdon's vocal delivery definitive, the rhythm section isn't doing anything - and I like the organ part, but I've never liked the sound of the organ. Seeing them do it live (on TV), though, it's more impressive.

The real treasures were in the rest of the catalog. Misunderstood, We Gotta Get Outta, Sandoz, you name it. The band always struck me as dark, real, and serious. It sounded like raw life to me when I was a kid; it still does.

Burdon sounded ancient, like the voice of time.

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