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5 Fingerstyle Patterns: The Story of the Trees Gift. (Not your usua…


Here's another story video lesson for you all. This time, it's about the gift of Trees, where tablature falls from their wintery branches, and I follow the voice of the Willow.

A side note: I create these sorts of video lessons because I want to make lessons that are both informative and fun to learn from. Specifically, I want to create stories that players and non-players alike can watch, like a guitar show. At the moment the balance is being between;

Providing informational content that is in-depth and to the point, enough so that you actually learn from the lessons

Entertaining the audience with a backstory that sets the context for the lessons

All feedback is welcome, as it will help me to achieve this balance and provide awesome storytelling lessons to you lovely people, who are undoubtedly also are enthusiastic about learning guitar, and thus, guitar lessons.

Btw, I am influenced a lot by Dungeons and Dragons.

Thank you, fellow traveller! May your musical journey be well and prosperous.


"A hint, at least". Pure Shatner. Top marks.

The tune at the end is really nice.

I did enjoy having a little diversion with you, fellow traveller.

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