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1966 Gretsch Chet Atkins Country Gentleman | Norman’s Rare Guitars


He says the binding has a few cracks when we can see it ha binding rot! Disingenuous to not call it as it is.


That guy has been on the scene a long time. And it was cool the Willburys borrowed all those Gretsch goodies from hi8m.

Still, I say the whole vintage guitar $cene is slowly shrinking.


Nice guitar. I wonder if that is a factory custom paint job. I have an FSR modern green Gent, but have never seen a vintage black one.


Black like George Harrison's? I always thought his Gents were dark mahogany stain.


Didn't John paint his Rickenbacker, so George followed suit???


George painted his '57 DuoJet black. As far as I remember, both of his Gents were mahogany stain. I tried to post a pic that shows his guitar as brown, but I keep getting the "Aw nuts" page.


Yup, George's were the normal brown mahogany, but they read as almost black in crappy resolution photographs. However, this Gent is an original factory custom paint job. You can see the gold serial numbers on the back of the headstock; the faux hole decals also have the faux white binding, which regular Gents didn't have. Yeah, as Dave noted, it's got the rot. Still, it's beautiful.


I always watch the videos from Norman's and generally find them to be entertaining, especially when they have celebrity guests featured. No question that Gent is a very rare bird but they really down played the binding issues in the video (even I could tell that was rot not just cracking) and the whole George's "black" Gretsch Gent is a myth and they should very well know that at a place like Norman's and not be promoting it as a selling point.


Lemmo is a newbie to Gretsch. When he did his first Gretsch demo he even said something about being new to Gretsch. He’s done quite a few since then but he’s not as familiar with Gretsch than he is other brands. As far as binding rot he may not be familiar with the common problem with this from vintage models. Then again, this is a video representing Norm’s and Norm or the guitar tech there should have informed Michael of the rot issue.


The catalogs in the 60's describe the color as 'mahogany grain stain finish". The darkness or lack of darkness of the stain on any individual Country Gentleman is a function of how much sugar or lack of sugar is present in the maple laminate used to build the guitar.

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