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1961 Jet Firebird


It sounds great.

His picking/fingerstyle hybrid technique is pretty cool too. He's able to play his version of Chet licks using it.


Pretty cool geet!

I play the same style of pickin' and i can tell ya's it's a bit restrictive for Chet style ,you really do need to be using that thumb independently. But i just can't get used to thumb picks.


Cue pedantry...

But not a '61, which is the ultimate double cutaway Jet, mixing the old chrome hardware and G-tailpiece with the new double cut body.


Oh my!

The switch placement on the red one renders it totally unusable Bad photoshopping?


No, that switch placement is not photoshopped. It sure does look problematic, but I don't doubt that it may be entirely fine. My picking (and I'm guessing I'm not alone) rarely gets much north or east of the bridge pickup. Or maybe it really is as bad as it looks. Either way, I'd certainly prefer the switch placement on the Duo Jet. No problems there.


And to think I briefly owned one of these in 1986. Mine had open topped F'tron covers, the trem was swapped for a Bigsby the black lacquer had been stripped off the back and neck, and replaced with brushed on polyurethane.

Din't know much about Gretsch guitars at the time and I wasn't that interested. That came later... big time.


Missing pickguard and changed tuners too, now that I think about it.


Shuggie, nice jet. Do you wish you still had it?


Jane Wiedlin is sporting a nice one here. A vintage model since it was the early 80s and reissues weren’t made for many years later. The prices were not out in the deep space like now, and the GoGos were very popular and had big hits already so she could afford this by this point. I think she owned it but maybe it was on loan or rental for the video.


I do kind of wonder about it from time to time, but the one I really regret selling was a 63/64 ES335.

Needed the funds to buy my Tennessean, but in retrospect it wasn't a smart move. I still have the Tennessean though...


If you still have the Tennessean I'd call it a smart move. The rest is only money

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