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1958 Gibson ES225 Restoration - Tone Twins TV


Hi everybody

Thought this might be of interest to some of you. All about cleaning up an old guitar that hasn't been played in decades and getting it playable again.

I love ES-225s and I suspect I'm not the only one on here who likes them too

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Hey Shuggie, another great video. It looks like you guys are having fun!


Nice vid, Shug. I like the set and the format. At first it seemed kinda slow-paced, but then it became relaxing. Kinda like the Bob Ross of guitar buddy shows.

Gorgeous guitar, too. The 225 is a killer spec (aside from my antipathy to the Florentine cutaway, which I can easily overcome for a 225).

My brother's wife got him this one at auction for Christmas 2018, a 1960 with a couple of obvious (but useful) period mods. Maybe not quite as nice overall as the one in your vid, but well-kept and it plays (and sounds) killer.


Enjoyed but there were color or lighting changes during the video. Subscribed!


We're still trying to figure out how to use the camera Doc so bear with us and thanks for subscribing.

Thanks Prote, that red ES225 looks pretty fantastic, mods or no mods.

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