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1957 or 58 NAMM


I lifted this off the 1957 Fender Factory Tour vid. I'm not sure if this has been posted before.


Looks like Filters so it's the 1958 show?


Cool. It may be a trick of the light, but that Falcon behind Chet looks a lot like it has a black pick guard.


It does look black but when Webster is playing it looks gold. Neo classics, 58.


Yeah, that did occur, but it could be a different guitar. No reason to suppose they didn't have more than one Falcon on site.


I would be fairly confident that the 1957 attribution is correct. The introduction of FilterTrons and neo-classic inlays was definitely underway in the summer of 1957. And both the 6120 and the Falcon have the horizontal, rather than angled, switch positioning. That's something only seen on very earliest examples of FilterTron-equipped hollowbodies. Actually, outside of this video, I've never seen that on either a Falcon or 6120, only the first few 264XX and prototype Gents. And the Falcon still has both a Melita Bridge and a vertical logo. I would say that they are showing off some of the very first FilterTron-equipped Gretsches in the summer of 1957.


Makes sense, I forgot that NAMM was only once a year in the summer back then. Both 57 and 58 were held in Chicago.


One other clue - Jimmie Webster doing the Charleston. As everybody knows, '57 was the last year of that craze. He would have looked ridiculous doing it in '58.


Cool video. I think Ed referred to the Filtertron Streamliner with hump block markers as being late '57, not really a '58, but I'm not sure if he meant model year or actual chronology.

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