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Will this case fit a (Duo, Pro, Double, Power) Jet?


The lower bout on a Jet is 13.37". The lower bout on a Les Paul is 12 7/8". This SKB case for a Les Paul is listed as having an inside dimension of 13.5". Has anyone tried putting a Jet in one?

It is not listed as being a guitar that has been checked and fits.


I know an Epi Kat case will hold a Pro Jet. LP cases seemed too small. YMMV.


I had quite a long 'difference of option' with a guy in a guitar shop over whether a Les Paul case would take a Pro Jet. The Les Paul case he tried to sell me certainly wouldn't. Even if you find one that fits the width of the Jet's top and bottom bouts, check the height if the Jet has a Bigsby. As wabash slim says, the Epiphone Kat case is said to be a good fit.


I would call -- not email -- them. They should have customer support people (hopefully in this country) and if they're serious as they're supposed to be about after-market cases, they should have a quick answer. It's not like Duo Jets are some off-brand freak-of-history anymore. I do remember hearing a lot of stories about lester cases not fitting Jets.


When I got my pro jet it quickly became apparent that the wide upper bout was that kept it from fitting in les paul style cases. The lower bout wasn't the issue.

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