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Why Your Players Edition Jet Needs a B7 Bigsby


The break angle was never a problem on my Pro Jet. Since the nut was fixed the guitar has stayed in tune very well. I popped on a Serpentune but it was just for kicks.


Wow, Billkoss. Conspiracy theory much?

I agree on one thing : compared to the B3/B6 with a taller bridge, the tension bar bigsby plus post mounted Bigsby setup sucks. I also have the ultimate remedy for it : don't buy it!


I'm with Walter. Return it and get a different guitar, if you aren't happy.


My Players edition Jet has the stop-tail. I specifically didn't buy a Bigsby version because I don't like Bigsbys with a tension bar. So I have playing my '59 Historic Les Paul for the last few weeks - it's new to me and a 2018 model - and I pulled out the Jet yesterday for another comparison.Both the Les Paul and the Jet have a similar break angle over the bridge which is fine with a stop tail.

Both sound great. The Jet stays in tune better than the Les Paul because (I expect) because of the straighter string pull over the nut. The Gretsch is slightly lighter, has a better nut, slimmer neck, better electronics (they work brilliantly) and better overall finish. And for about 1/3 the price it's an absolute bargain. It also twangs way more and is, I suspect, a more versatile guitar. The Les Paul is amazing but I definitely think the Gretsch is a better deal.

My Players edition Jet is one of the better Gretsches I have played. I love mine.

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