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Who’s up for a custom-color Electromatic 12-string?


Sure sounds nice for 5 bills...and it looks like a Moserite. Don’t tell me I’m going to end up with 2 Eastwood’s.


The Eastwood video is super. Nice, nice playing.

There's Vibrato Twelve at 1:40, a Strat-type unit -


Bob wants a B-bender now. And all sorts of palm pedals. And Hipshot tuners.

Get with the program, Proteus.


No, Bob. Stop.

– Proteus

Oh, yea. Thanks. I’ll go play my Jet. It always calms my frenzy. I’m ok now.


One toy at a time, Ade. We must concentrate on this one.


Teal seems the most obvious choice for the main name in this latest Gretsch iteration of finish. It's the exact same color as I had on my '94 Ford Taurus SHO. If you were to set one of these teal CC's on the hood and stood back, all you'd see is the gold hardware and binding. Just sayin'.....


The Eastwood video is super. Nice, nice playing.

There's Vibrato Twelve at 1:40, a Strat-type unit -

– ade

Really, really nice Ade. but don't shoot in the mirror next time. Makes you look left-handed.


What's the lower bout size on those guitars? It looks like 16" because the f holes look bigger, but it might still be 17". Can't find the spec anywhere?


I'm pretty sure they're 16". I really like that idea on this guitar.


5422's are indeed 16" at the lower bout, both 6 and 12 string varieties.


I think it’s time that someone in the know, someone who can help get this done, chime in. Joe C., Rocky, is this scheme likely, unlikely or impossible? We only seem to have 3 or 4 takers, unless I didn’t read carefully enough.


Probably time to contact Rocky. I was planning to do that, but didn't want to bother him too soon after his father's passing.


Keep us posted as to what Rocky says when you do contact him. I, for one, am serious about this guitar.


I'll get in touch later today or tomorrow. I'm still all in as well.


While I'm not in a position to toss my hat into the ring with you fellows, I sure hope enough folks step up to have Rocky able to order a FSR for you. I have two suggestions that might help the process of finding others willing to put their name in the hat. I know there's a few members here that are also members of the other website who could mention this venture over there.

Rocky knows an awful lot of Gretsch owners and I can't help but think that there has to be a few in that group who would be interested in this guitar. I also think Rocky would like to have at least a couple of these unique color guitars to sell in the store as well as those ordered. I'm not aware, but does Streetsounds put out an email newsletter to its customers that could announce a call out to see who would be interested in one of these guitars, explaining the number required for a FSR?


BTW Tim, which string arrangement would you want to have: the octave string inboard or outboard? Just curious. And could someone who plays a 12-string explain the difference in sound the two setups give? Thanks.


Dave, see posts 51 to 60 or so in this thread.


If I get the smallest of lottery wins... well, maybe not the smallest ($1) but something reasonable, I would be in, but my gigs are in a bit of a lull this season and I've spent my guitar money for the year already, so much as I want to be in, I can't be.

And I'd love to see it in translucent dark green with nickel hardware.


Assuming the price is in the ballpark of the standard ones, I'm seriously interested.


Dave, see posts 51 to 60 or so in this thread.

– Bob Howard

I should've been more specific Bob, sorry. I'm not concerned as much regarding the amount of space between strings that Tim went into, but rather the sound, and corresponding differences in ease of playing, for fingerstyle. Strumming I don't think I'd hear much if any difference in sound and I'm not playing playing single note runs. Right now I only strum my 12 as it has the 'normal' configuration, that being the first string struck is the regular wound string, not the octave. I'm wondering if it may be a bit easier for the right-hand thumb work with the reverse order of strings?

As for neck width on my Eko Ranger 12, it's 47.9 mm (1.88") at the zero fret whereas its brother the E85 6 string is 45.9 mm (1.81") at the nut, so the fingerboard is nicely a bit wider for accommodating 12 strings.

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