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White Falcon seeing issue


I recently came across a used White Falcon, 59 Vintage Select, manufactured in 2012. I absolutely love the guitar, but I am having one problem. After having cervical fusion surgery a couple of years ago, I am severely limited in my ability to turn my head to the left. Because of this, I have to rely on seeing the fret indicator marks in my peripheral vision. The marks that indicate the 3rd, 5th, etc. frets are very small round black dots on the gold binding material. They are very hard for me to see.

Do any of you have any ideas for something that a luthier could do to help to make the marks more visible? Larger white dots, perhaps?


Most classical guitars have no position markers of any kind --- players learn to navigate by feel and by the position on the neck, rather than relying on fret markers.

At the other extreme, some luthiers install LED position markers, so you can see them even in the dark.


Maybe use a different color "red" maybe. Use nail polish, which can be removed eventually. Just an idea.


I believe it might work if you just use stickon dots? Easy to remove and should stay on while you play? No changes to the guitar.


You’ll need high contrast for peripheral vision, not color. Stick-on dots seem like the way to go, black if they are either large enough or a shape that extends onto the white neck. You can also try sticking on reflective dots, punch holes or cut small squares from reflective tape. In either case experiment first before doing something drastic.

I’ll be curious to know what you do that works.

Edit: I just saw Proteus’ post, those can work, go for contrast.


Danny Gatton used Cubic zirconia position markers. He navigated the fretboard pretty well...


Yeah, stickers sound like a better idea, for sure.


Try not looking at all for a while. I'll bet you can manage better than you would think.

I wonder if you can do some kind of braille inspired thing. On most computer keyboards there are dots on F and J that work very well in the dark. Maybe on the lower binding or the back of the neck.

I know I could manage a classical fretboard if I had to, but I use the thumbprint markers a lot.

Some ideas here. I wish I could see pictures. https://www.banjohangout.or...

Painters tape on the back of the neck.



I have a White Penguin and had the same issue while on stage. In most lighting conditions the markers just disappear. I installed some red “crystal” side markers. Just drilled out the original dots and glued the red crystal ones in. It helped a little. The best thing I have done is put a black sharpie marker in the case. I just make broad marks on the side of the fretboard before a show. They wipe off with just a little effort and give me a nice visual reference. It’s that gold bling binding! Makes it all but impossible to see a dot of any kind. The marker is magic..... Magic marker!


I've seen people using a sharpie right next to the binding on the neck.


Make it a bump you can feel with your thumb?


I have the silver sparkle binding on my Falcon,, I just got used to it, No Biggie

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