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Vintage Spec White Falcon Knobs


A few months back I read an interview with Stephen Stern. He was saying that Fender/Gretsch has finally made the knobs for the White Falcon's to vintage spec.Dunno if it's just for the Custom Shop models or for all of them. I would think that since they had to do a good size run of them to break even on the cost that they would sell them like they do the rest of the Gretsch knobs. Does anyone know where I can get a set of the "Vintage Correct" White Falcon knobs? almost all the hardware on my WF is vintage. It would be nice to have a correct set of knobs.. Thanks!!!!


I dunno about the Falcons, but I'm surprised after all this time the modern knurling remains so different on all the modern knobs.


According to Mr. Stern the knobs are suppose to be identical to the original late 50's WF knobs.. Maybe Joe C. can let us know? Thanks Tim!! It would be nice if they finally got it right. Of course I only have the one new Gretsch. My Country Clubs have the right knobs (a62 & `64), but it would be great to have the WF ones correct..


Another solution would be to make your own. Does anybody know what kind of "jewel" they used back then? Or the "pearl" dot"? I'd love to find the "jewel" as I think they work very well in low-light situations. I'd have no problems with modding a vintage knob.

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