Modern Gretsch Guitars

Which one should I bring to tonight’s gig?


Tennessee Rose, or Country Club?

TR has Bigsby which I can use on Wicked Game and Wichita Lineman, but the Club seems to have a little more mojo for Crazy and a jazzy version of And I Love Her.

What's your vote?


If possible, bring both!


I agree, both. Gosh, we're so much help, ain't we?


I already bring two acoustics - one tuned down a step for Yesterday and is my bailout if I'm not feeling my oats for Heart of the Matter.


I do have the best possible problems one could have.


Greg, I think the Bigsby on the rose would be missed the most. I know what you mean about the Club, though. If I got to too used to my club on a certain song ot two I would miss it dearly.


The TR . . .


Nice dilemma!

TR - you would probably miss the Bigsby more than the tone.


And your CC doesn't have a Bigsby by now is...…………..? Problem solved with an easy conversion, no?


Good luck. Kick ass.


I always take two guitars to gigs, why choose? In fact I'm playing tonight and bring the Convertible and Deluxe Chet.


Brought the TR. Liked the Bigsby, but couldn’t get the tone out of the Filtertrons in short order with the Bose system. I’ve gotten good tone with the Dynas on the CC with the Bose. I’ll have to work on it. Good gig tonight.

Thanks for all of your opinions!


At one point, I was lugging four to a gig! Acoustic 12 Tak, Strat, Acoustic 6 Tak, and a Ric 12. Some nights, two of them never even came out of the cases, but they were there in case, well, you never know, I might need 'em!

It was just too tough to make a choice, too tough!


I always have two because my guitars have bigsbys. i use to occasionally break a string, and when you do on a guitar witha bigsby the whole guitar usually goes out of tune. So I have another setup plugged into an AB box, put down detuned missing string guitar and pick up new one mid song. i don't really break strings anymore but it's become a habit. I'm sure if I just show up with one...I'll break a string. You play your Gretsch through a PA?


In the duo, I bring three guitars: Rancher or other acoustic played through the PA, any of my electrics with a Bigsby and my 5422 12 string, both played through an amp.

For solo gigs, I bring two acoustics, one of which is tuned down a step, as well as an electric. If the venue is large or outdoors, I play the electric through an amp and then mic it up through the PA. Last night’s gig was in a smaller venue with very little real estate for me. For gigs as such, I play the electric through the Bose system after passing through my Line 6 Helix. I have the Bose mixer which has their Tone Match software which allows me to create an approximate emulation of various electric guitars through a mic’d amp. One of my next projects is to configure a pedalboard on the Helix with the effects I want and including amp and cab simulation. I’ll then run the Helix right to the Bose using a clean channel.

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