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I'm in the fortunate position of being given a 6128 Power Jet - it feels great to play - absolutely flawless in construction, is very comfortable and stays in tune but the stock TVJones pickups are way too high in output. Having been a dynasonic guy for a long time, I'd like to venture into the field of Filtertrons - which TV Jones replacements can anyone recommend to slot straight into the guitar which gives that classic hi-fi sparkle?


If you want to be on familiar ground then Magnatrons are your choice. They are closest to a single coil. Otherwise then Classics or the recent signature Setzer, Ray Butts or Paul Yandell models will get you where you want to go.


Thanks Don - I've tried magnetrons before and was very impressed but I am curious about filters - which gives the fullest tone but retains a high end clarity..


Great to see you again, Dawg. I've never stopped listening to Damnation Twist! Got anything new?

You've actually pretty much answered your own question: for classic hi-fi sparkle, it's hard to beat TV Classics. If something can beat them, it's the new "Ful Fidelity Ray Butts" 'trons, which are built to the exact specs Tom found in Ray's notes when Ray's daughter Katha passed them along to him. I haven't tried the FulFidelities myself, but believe those who say they're even more classic than Classics.

That probably means, though, that they have a little less output - which you might find disconcerting coming from big bold Dynasonics. They will you give the classic experience, though.

PowerTrons are at the hot end of the TV 'tron range (with P'Tron Plus a bit past it!) - so if you're finding them too dark and hot, and want to back down toward Classics without going all the way, I find that SuperTrons, with the bar magnet, are just a little warmer and fuller than Classics.

And for the bridge pickup, the Plus version of any of these is often a good choice. It will keep the sparkle but prevent the tone from going too thin - especially in a small-bodied not-hollow guitar.


I have three guitars with tv Jones pickups, one with classic/classic+, setzers, and t-Armond’s. I have also used magnatrons in the past.

The setzers are sweeter than the classic/+ while the classic+ adds a lot more bite in the bridge. In my opinion, the setzers sound best in the neck and neck/bridge while the classic+ sounds best at the bridge. I liked the magnatrons but prefer the filters since I have a t-armond guitar already.

If I were to have just one filtertron guitar, I might try setzer neck and classic+ bridge.

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