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Where’s Ed? There’s a blue guitar for sale


One of the blue FSR Pro Jets CME had just turned up on the local Facebook gear group for $500. No affiliation, but thought it was interesting.


Nice guitar!

The good Doctor likely already has one.


Actually, I saw the doc had one of the Fairlane Blue jets with chrome hardware for sale on fleabay a month or so back.Edit- Sorry I had Ed Ball and Doc milktruck mixed up.


Nice guitar!

The good Doctor likely already has one.

– wabash slim

I actually had ordered one as I think the midnight sapphire one is nicer than the Fairlane Blue one, but ended up cancelling it as it was repeatedly delayed. I also had a Fairlane Blue one but sold it in a futile attempt to thin the herd. The listing above is for more than the retail price.


Thanks for thinking of me Bax! I do like that color, and don't mind the gold hardware either as several of my blue Gretsch herd has the chrome. If the price is really $500, then that's pretty sweet too.

What I THOUGHT you were referencing when I saw the thread title was THIS!

Pre-Fender, Japanese only release(?)... never seen another!


That IS interesting.

The pro jet is here in KC, if you want to check it out. Again, no affiliation and no knowledge of it, i just saw it.

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