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Where would I find the neck radius


Team, where would I find the neck radius of my 1999 G6119? I didn’t find that detail in the database but I think I recall a post that was either dedicated to documenting nut widths or neck radius but I’m not finding it, nor sure it exists Thanks!


Sorry if this is stating the obvious but neck radius is the curvature of the top of the fretboard. There are online gauges that you can download and attach to a piece of paper or plastic. also caries a variety of metal ones.


A neck radius on a 1999 Gretsch was anything but consistent. So, checking for specifications online about that model and year of guitar may not be particularly reliable.

The best thing to do is to measure it yourself. There are some fine tools available to do it at places like Stewart MacDonald such as these radius gauges.

However, you can do it for virtually no cost with a less precise form of measurement, such as these paper gauges that come in different sizes that you can cut out and use to determine what your guitar fretboard's radius actually is.

EDIT: lx and I had the same idea at the same time.


That Tru-Arc gauge is going to get you pretty much where you need to be. Give or take a thou...


Yes the Tru Arc ones will work if you don’t have/need a metal one. Or you can make one yourself with a little math and a compass.


Tru-Arc graphic for the win and it’s 9.5. Thanks everyone!


it’s 9.5

Isn't that something! And I make bridges to fit!

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