Modern Gretsch Guitars

Where made ?


Hi new member here, never had a Gretch but planning to change that. I'm considering a 1995 6120-60. Can anyone tell me where these guitars were made in 1995 ? Was it USA, Japan or somewhere else ?


Welcome aboard. Japan, usually by Terada. The only modern made in USA Gretsches are made in the Gretsch Custom Shop in California.


Welcome to all things Gretsch.

If I may ask, why do you want to buy a pre-FMIC Gretsch when you can probably find a very nice post-FMIC model for the same [or close to] money? Accurate body shape, and fully upgraded pots/harness, switches and alnico F'trons. 3 ply body vs 5 ply as well.


The pre-FMIC 6120-60 model actually has the correct body shape. The features make it a great guitar for playing loud and even overdriven. I like mine a lot. Just don't overpay.

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