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Where Do You Keep Your ‘Gretsch Guitar Guarantee’ Certificate?


Filing cabinet.

– Baxter

Me too.

I keep one file with all receipts, warranties and spec sheets for all guitars, amps & pedals. That way if I suddenly "leave the building" my wife only has to pull one file to start the process of selling my stuff.


Most of 'em probably ended up in the same black hole where picks disappear...


Right... you want me to divulge my secret location so you can be waiting for me and smack me upside the head with a sock full of quarters!


In a mayonnaise jar kept on Funk and Wagnall's porch.

– NJBob

Which has been hermetically sealed.


...since noon today. Hey---oh!

I've gotten three new Gretsches, and didn't get one piece of case candy with any of them. Guess you have to get the case as well at the time.


Used mine as a beer coaster . Its likely sitting in a landfill by now.


I usually set them down in random places in my music room or on my desk and then rediscover them during bi-annual desk cleanings, at which time I look at them and reminisce about a guitar I used to own (because by the time I rediscover them, I've usually already sold the guitar). Then they go to the landfill to be with Manny's.

I only had one buyer who really wanted the case candy, and I couldn't find it when he picked up the guitar, but luckily, he was a local guy and when that stuff reappeared, he came to one of our shows and gladly collected it.


“Keep it safely.”

I have been careful careful to incur no physical risks while keeping my Gretsch guarantees. This has somewhat impinged on my previous secret-agent lifestyle, but ownership has its responsibilities.


That's pretty damn funny, Curt.

– gretschman36

I agree!


Safe away from the Guitar in a locked drawer.Mine with other case candy was scented with a nice sugary smell !

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