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What’s missing from this duo jet wiring?


Bought a used duo jet 2012 DSV. The back pick up was fliped. Where these pots grounded together? Just wondering if it looks like it should. Seems like I get a out of phase sound in the middle position when both volumes are at the same level. Thanks for your help.


If the pickups are out of phase, try swapping the white and black leads coming out of the grey cable (assuming I'm correct that it's one of the pickups)


Just swap the white and black wires going from the grey cable (top of your picture). White is usually the "hot" wire and black ground, so solder the white to the middle lug of that top pot and the black to the back of the pot. You will see that the bridge pickup has white going to the middle lug of it's volume pot and black and ground to the back of the pot. So by swapping the black and white of the neck pickup they should be in phase.

It looks to me that the neck pickup is stock and the bridge has been swapped to a TVJ. If in doubt talk to TV.

Should take all of 2 minutes to do. Good luck!


Based on the pic provided, the pickup ground wire is also joined to the white wire in question (from grey insulating sleeve). That ground wire should also be transferred to the black wire when re-soldering it to the pot case - much like the other pickup.

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