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What to do with 2009 Pro Jet 5235?


I have decided to keep the Pro Jet. It plays so well I think I'll regret selling it some time in the future if I parted with it.

That being said I installed a new Tusq nut and 2 Rickenbacker Hi Gain pickups that I had. I haven't had a chance to amp it up yet but I've used these pickups, separately, in other projects and they do jangle!

While working on the Pro Jet I noticed that the Studs are a Very Sloppy fit in the bushings. I'm contemplating getting the TruArc bridge but wonder if anyone has upgraded the Studs or Studs and Bushings?


Hi - sorry to drag up an old thread but I’m considering getting a Gretsch specifically to put P90s in it. I was originally thinking of a hollowbody with dogears but it looks like soapbars are drop in replacements on at least some solid body models? I’d be interesting in knowing exactly which ones as I would have thought there’d be screw holes left showing from the original pickup surrounds?


Tolm- Try to find a pre-2011 pro jet with mini-humbuckers. Soapbars should drop right in.


Sweet - thanks!


I installed Soap Bar P90's in my Pro Jet. They drop right in, you have to glue a small wooden block inside the cavity to have a place for the screws to bite into.

Really easy Modification.


Cool, yeh - reckon I can handle that. Just need to find one at the right price now. :)

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