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what saddles does the Gretsch synchro-sonic bridge use?


what saddles does the Gretsch synchro-sonic bridge use?

im considering getting one and putting some graph tech saddles in it



The saddles on the Synchro-Sonic are plastic. Not everyone's cup of tea. What's more, they are quite different in design from traditional Tune-o-matic or Fender saddles-- as far as I know Graph-Tech doesn't make saddles for the Synchro-Sonic-- I doubt there's enough demand for them.


I was also not entirely satisfied with the original (ABS?) Synchro-Sonic Melita plastic saddles so I decided to make a few for myself. I cut a few round slices of 1" brass bar on my lathe and milled and filed to fit.

See also this thread Link...

As far as I know GraphTech does not make a melita replacement, but you can use two Black TUSQ XL nuts and cut and file them copying the original melita format if you are handy with a saw and a file :D


So far I'm very happy with the results, but I'm about to try using some more metals out of curiosity:

aluminum copper bronze silver

The aluminum bar is already mounted in my lathe, but have not had the time cutting it to size yet.


The saddles sounded fine to me on Cliff Gallup's Melita loaded Gretsch. :)


Thanks MaBerY i thought i might have to make them myself, but was hopeing i wouldnt have to. and thanks for the advice and links. i will have to go very slowly to get it right.

does the low profile screws come with the bridge if you buy the bridge on its own?


No. All standard Synchrosonics are shipped with the thumbscrews only. The low profiles are available only as an aftermarket mod.

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