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What kind of bridge is this?


As I'd mentioned in a previous thread, I acquired a Black Phoenix but had to abide whilst the black pickups were swapped out for the original TV Jones to be put back in.

Well, I received the guitar yesterday and have been playing it fairly nonstop, other than sleeping or eating, ever since. However, it has a bridge on it that rattles. It is intonated really well and seems to conform to the radius of the fretboard quite well. I've sent a request to Proteus for a new stainless steel TruArc to replace it.

But... I have never seen a bridge like this before. What is it?


It looks like a Schaller roller bridge, it also looks like it has been modified. It seems to have had holes drilled for the threaded studs to come through.


Thank you. You seem to be correct. The drilled part was throwing me off identification. I suppose it's marginally (?) better than a TOM, but still... has too many moving parts -- some of which rattle. Drives me nuts.


Talking to myself here, but I just ordered an AL-95 Standard bridge from Proteus.

At his suggestion, I swapped the ST-120 from my Nashville onto this Black Phoenix so I could hear how it sounds, which was fantastic. However, it being a darker-sounding guitar than the Nashville, he suggested I experiment so I ordered the aluminum TruArc bridge. I might get a little more high-end response out of it.

We'll see.


your schaller was drilled to make it fit the wooden bridge base...roller saddles seldom really the rollers get clogged down under grime and string tension..and they rob tone...a tune-a-matic is actually better!

enjoy the tru-arc..aluminum is bigsby bridge material as well



another vote for aluminium Tru Arcs. I've got a em.

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